Me 101

-In high school I took a class in basket weaving, photography & loom weaving and I loved it

-In junior high I wore a dress that was too short and had in school one day, in high school I got in a fight at lunch and had in school for 3 days

-In high school I had a lot of demerits my sophmore year and was almost not asked back (thanks to teen angst as a child of divorce), but I got my act together

-when I first went to college in the city for broadcast journalism, I ended up leaving, because that particular city was not for me and I hated it and the school was too big, ended up in a small liberal arts college, instead of a big university

-In junior high I read the most books in the whole school one year ( I LOOOOVE reading)

-I was on the school tv news for 6 years.  I was a weather person and then the anchor and I adored it

– I went back to grad school for education but stopped because I didn’t think I wanted to be a teacher, now I have another plan for grad school when my kids are all in elementary school

-I used to teach VBS in senior high and now I’m doing it again, it is so much fun.  I highly recomend it if you ever get the chance


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