A couple of plinky’s

A sampling of questions on http://www.plinky.com and my answers:

what was the 1st album you ever bought?- I can’t remember actual album (I’m thinking disney mousercize, which my mom probably bought me), but my first actual CD was LL Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out. I remember I had just gotten a CD player and we stopped at a Kmart and I bought it.  I loved that CD, I played it over and over and over.  I knew all the songs. I thought I was so out there in my musical taste, which for my junior high I probably was, not many girls were into rap back then.

what is your theory on why we dream:

I think we dream to solve our life problems.  I think we dream for an out.  I think we dream to process things we can’t process in real life. Sometimes we dream of where we want to be, sometimes memories, sometimes we can go back in time in our dreams and try to figure out the past.  Some people see relatives who have passed in their dreams.  I love dreaming. Dreaming is my place where answers come to me and I can relax.  Dreaming is a place where we can be ourselves, one of the only places.

what game show would you like to be a contestant on:

I always wanted to be a contestant on The Price is Right with Bob Barker.  I wanted to play the big check game, the game with the little swiss climber guy, or the game with the big dice.  I wanted to meet Bob.  I used to watch every day with my grandmother.  I also always wanted to be on the Whammy Show.  So basically all the shows I wanted to be on no longer offer that option. I would love to be on Jeopardy, but I think I do well at home, but probably not so well in real life.  I might like Wheel of Fortune if they ever came to town.

if you could read minds for a day would you:

Oh yeah.  How cool would that be.  I think at first I wouldn’t want anyone to be thinking things about me, because I am very self conscious.  But I think it would be neat.  I like to people watch when I’m out for a soda, or in the park.  The only heavy aspect of it that I could think is the sadness, you would see happy and sad, and you can’t fix sadness so that could be a downer.  I have always wonder what my husband is zoning out on when I’m talking to him and he’s not paying attention.




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