What I missed the most edible edition

When I lived overseas there were a few things, I missed terribly.  Bermuda is an English colony which is obviously an island, but also a cultural mish-mash so there are many types of foods and places to eat.  Now it’s not super exotic like if I lived in Asia or some place- no bugs, no crazy animals, but I did miss some things from home:

-cheese steaks.  I’m from the Philly area and we love our cheese steaks.  One day I ordered a cheese steak and it was some steak (like from a grill) and some slices of cheddar cheese on bread, never again

-hoagies.  Same thing.  No hoagies.  No sub shops.  No Wawa

-White American cheese.  I grew up eating this on white bread with tomatoes and salt.  I crave these in the summer, it reminds me of summer and my grandmother. But when I sent my husband out to find it, it could not be found.  Bermuda has many great English and Irish cheeses, so this American staple was not high on the import list

-Turkey Hill Diet Ice Tea.  My drink of choice and well one day I found it by chance in a grocery store and bought 6 gallons (all they had) and put them on my bike and took them home.  I never saw it again and have no idea where they came from

-Diet Coke with Lime.  Bermuda makes it’s own Coke soda, so when I was living there, this “new” type was not available

-Yuengling Beer.  Yuengling is so PA and sometimes you need PA.  I love import beers, but you can’t be from PA without liking Yuengling.  We missed it so much we adopted a cat from the SPCA and named her Yuengling black & tan, since she was black and tan

-Donuts/Bagels- there are not any donut or bagel shops and I guess some of the grocery stores would carry a small bit, but it was nothing like the selections we have here.  No sugar raised, no chocolate iced

-Tastykakes-Again, people would send me Tastykakes, you don’t know how much you miss them, when you can’t get them

-Red Beets Eggs- they really don’t do those there, that’s not to say I couldn’t make my own but I never did

-Soft Pretzels- again not sold there, but maybe you could get frozen ones, but a frozen one is not the same as an awesome Philly one.


Things there I miss here- shark hash, yeast popcorn, tuna tar tar, mussel pie, fish chowder, rock fish,conch fritters


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