Super Happy

My joy posts from the past two weeks: (Just an update, this really does put a smile on my face & makes me look back at the moments in my day)

2/20 Seeing my sunday school class get faith chests
2/21 Flying down a mountain on a snow tube & realising just b/c I have kids doesn’t mean I can’t be fun
2/22 things that make me smile
2/23 feeling young
2/24 things to smile about
2/25 getting excited to be going out on a Friday night
2/26 learning something new at work
2/27 teaching the sunday school kids- they are a great bunch of kids
2/28 fun banter on facebook with friends & co-workers
3/1 my son “learning” how to get around in heely’s
3/2 God keeping my son safe when he crashed snowboarding
3/3 nice dinner w/hubs & kids @ cali tortilla
3/4 having a great support system of best friends
3/5 Fun with friends- laughter is amazing


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