Me 101 the places I’ve been

-mutter museum in Philly.  This place is amazing, seriously check it out sometime

-I toured a nuclear power plant. This was back in the day when they wanted everyone to be comfortable with the concept so my brownie troop went there, I remember a tunnel and not being all that impressed, but now looking back that’s pretty cool, because I don’t think I’ll ever tour one again

-a county jail. My best friend was teaching high school to prisoners in the county jail, so we went for a tour.  We toured all areas, including walking up to maximum security which was freaky.  I can’t say I minded the rest of it, I found it very interesting actually, but I also knew I was going to be leaving. The guards invited us to stay for dinner, but my husband said no. He was not cool with the prison

-explored Washington DC many times.  My best friend went to college there and it is an awesome town.  I would live there if I could. I drove there and took the train many times

-I drove to Florida a few times when I was little. I should say I was driven.  This was when people traveled in cars. Also we drove to Maine and all over New England, this was also when vacations took 2 weeks

-The NYSE.  I went back when you could still get in to see the traders with school and it was a blast. We stood and waved to them and were super excited.  If I recall that wasn’t on the intinarary so we may have cut and did that on our own

-On our trip to Maine we stopped off and toured the Kennedy compound in Mass.  It was cool, but super white.  Everything was so clean and so big and right at the ocean

-Salem Mass another great place that I loved and would go back to again

-Drove to Canada twice in my life, once as a child & I was mad because their McDonalds did not have the same stuff as out McDonalds and once with my husband to visit my best friend.  What a ride it took forever since I hate to drive and I paid my other friend the cost of her plane ticket to drive us home (my husband did not have a liscence).  We had so much fun there though, I love Toronto

-I flew home for a secret visit for my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary from Bermuda.  I rented a car and we pulled up and knocked on the door and they were floored.  They never suspected a thing.  That was by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in my life.  No one knew not even my friends who I also surprised when we got home



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