Food I craved..

I hate mayo.  I also hate miracle whip.  So when I was pregnant I was terrified that I would start craving it and just eat it straight from the jar.  Thankfully that never happened.  But for my kids who may some day read this here is what I craved:

-My son: steaks (I loved steaks), hoagies, olives (until I got sick from them), wings, PB&J

My daughter: hoagies, raspberries (I even bought a bush so I could grow my own), tomatoes,sausage breakfast sandwiches, Dr Pepper (it was the only thing that stopped my morning sickness)

Baby #1 I went whole hog on the eating in month 3.  Months 1 & 2 I was sick non-stop, it took me awhile to make me realize I couldn’t drink still water since it made me sick, so I was getting sick all day/every day and lost weight.  Then when things got better, I made up and ate everything in sight, which made me gain 70 pounds and I was not small to begin with.  I developed gestational diabetes and my son was 9 pounds.

Baby #2 Again super morning sickness, which this time was better because of the Dr Pepper.  But I watched my eating when I finally could.  I lost weight and I exercised.  And this one came 6 weeks early.


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