Debt here I am

Wow income tax refunds and there we are buying things at Lowe’s to fix up the house & also I just bought a few hundred dollars worth of clothes at Lands End for the kids for the spring and for myself. Last week I also bought two air purifers because of my husbands allergies.  My husband hit a pothole and crack the tire rim in half, so that will be about $500 we weren’t expecting to pay. We went out for St Patty’s day and had to pay the babysitter a lot, since we were out for awhile. It’s just so frustrating to also have more bills than money and to never get a step ahead, because as soon as we have some extra cash we find things to spend it on.  I am so not good at this.

The grocery store is another issue.  I can not get out without spending at least $150 a week.  Which sends me over the budget.  And now gas is sky high again sending the budget over.  I should be using cash.  But instead I just use the debit card which makes it easy to go over budget.

The only plus is that my diet is going awesome.  The hubs and I both started and it’s amazing.  I love it. The first few days were hard and I had some headaches and were hungry. But I got used to 1200 calories, where looking back I think maybe I was eating up to 3 times that some days.

I wish I could jump in and conquer debt this way.  But who knows maybe get one thing ready and running and jump into the next.


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