Know me 101

-I’ve eaten a little squid whole

-I love sushi but not urchin or eel

-I am afraid of shots, but don’t mind blood tests

-I was raised by my grandparents

-I tried on a ring that cost $13,000 once

-I’ve taught VBS for many summers

-I boycotted a wedding based on the fact that I didn’t think the premise was equal

-I’ve been to NYC at Christmas time and it was beautiful and cold like you’d imagine

-I love raw oysters

-I’ve eaten wild game of all sorts

-I’ve toured model homes with no intent to buy, just to see what they look like inside

-I do not have my wisdom teeth

-I’ve taken beach picnics at night and it is dreamy and one of the best places I can imagine being

-I teach Sunday School for several years now

-I’ve read thousands of books in my life and I am always looking for more



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