Preemie Getting there

I don’t know why I worry.  I mean I know like all parents I worry about my kids.  But every single milestone for #2 my preemie, I worry about missing.  I worry when she wasn’t walking, responding, looking and talking.  And each time she’s come around on her own time, in her own way.  I worry about the delays and wonder what’s next and just when I think the worst, she catches up and starts.

I’ve been terrified of her speech delay and yes her speech is not audible and she may have praxia, but after spending the weekend away, it’s like coming home and hearing her speak for the first time.  It’s amazing.  It’s exciting.  It makes me feel good.  She got here, she’s talking and interacting.

If I could tell a preemie parent one thing, it’s that they will catch up.  They will get there. They have their own little agendas and they go on their own time and instead of worrying just try to enjoy the time you have and enjoy the moments, because they fly by.


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