Cool things about my grands

I did a blog project on mommys piggy tales a few months ago in which I explored and recorded my youth memories.  I am hoping one day my kids will read it, so I wanted to go a bit farther and record the family memories that mean the most to me.  Call me sentimental, call me type a or call me someone who has watched The Notebook one too many times, but I love the thought of writing your history down for the next generation.  So here are some thoughts and facts on the grands in my life:

-my moms family can be traced back to the 1600’s in Switzerland and to the 1700’s in America

-my paternal great grandfather had someone place a prayer for him at the wailing wall and also had a tree planted in Israel when he was very ill

-my grandmother had polio and now has post-polio.  She had an awful life & awful parents growing up and I have such an admiration for her

-my grandfather was a cement truck driver for most of his life.  He worked at some cool projects such as a nuclear power plant and a maximum security prison.  At the prison he had to run his barrel after he was down pouring in the case that someone would have tried to jump inside and get out. He also built the sign at the local Kmart and did work at Pennhurst and was moved by the way some of the people were treated and dealt with

-my grandmother used to take me to work with her at a daycare and I really enjoyed it.  She worked in the infant room and I would help the teachers with the older kids.

-both of my grandparents had outhouses growing up and when they first were married.  They did not have tv growing up.  When my grandfather was little it was stylish to dress little boys in dress looking outfits, in old pics I always thought he was a girl. They were also born before penicillin

-once when my grandfather had a bit too much to drink him & his cousin drove off a really high mountain road and landed up in the trees.  The only thing that saved them was the trees

-every year my dads side would have a family reunion in a nice park with a little stream when I was really young.  My moms side has had reunions my whole life in a park and we still go, and play bingo & egg toss and just chat with family members

-my grandfather took me to Delaware Park to see the Clydesdales one time when I was younger and it was so cool, except I spilled hot soup all over myself and had to wear gross wet pants all day

-my grandmother used to take me antiquing each weekend when I was an early teen and we used to love to shop and craft together

-my grandmother also used to sign me up for all sorts of classes at the Y- painting, cooking, babysitting, crafts

-my great great great grandfather was the first burser in the town we currently live in

-my grandmother used to keep jars of buttons (I wish she still had them) in jars with orange lids and I would dump them out and count them and put them back in over and over.  She also had metal tea kettle with pennies in it, and I would spend hours dumping them in and out and counting them also- the simplest things are sometimes the best toys

-whenever I was sick my grandmother would make me cream of chicken on toast and that is still my comfort food

-when my aunt and grandmother & I were in Florida the first time, my grandfather tried to make dinner in the oven and ended up melting a plastic dish into the oven racks

-my grandmother is where I get my organizing from she ran a tight ship and you could have eaten off her floors.  We also had a small space so we never kept what we did not need or use

-once my grandmother and her friends took me and another kid to the shore- they rented a van and I got sick all over my grandmother on the way there and she had to stop along a highway and get changed, and people were driving by honking and what not

-having someone who you are just like (my grandmother) makes for some tough times and head bumping growing up.  I remember walking on eggshells if she was in a mood, because we would get in screaming matches, but we both came around and now she is the person I talk to the most in the world

-growing up Friday and Saturday nights there was always a card game or yatzhee game and they were always at someone house or they had friends and family over.  I loved falling asleep knowing lots of people were there laughing and having fun.  It was a relaxed kind of existence, not the rush rush like we have now.

-my grandparents on both sides are mainly Pa German and also I have Irish in my blood

I feel so blessed to have been raised by my grandparents and to have such amazing memories and stories.


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