I am your biggest supporter

My child has a speech delay.  She was a preemie and she has been getting speech therapy.  She is not even is three yet.  She also has a minimal hearing loss.  Her therapist has been bordering on this being praxia, but does not want to label it as of yet in case it’s not praxia, since she is young and it’s still hard to tell.

I take everything with a grain of salt.  I know there are some people who push to have their children classified so they can have a name and can know where to go from there.  I am not that person.  I try to hope for the best and to get educated on the possibilities, but I don’t want to hang my hat up on the first thing I am told.

It’s a little weird to be told your kid has a disorder, because in your mind you never think that will be your child, you never imagine that you will be fighting for and standing up for your child for things like that.  I thought she had a hearing issue when she was an infant and I kept pushing and we did the testing and we found out early on that she did.  A mother knows.

I never thought I would be an advocate for preemies, or pre-eclampsia, or hearing loss children or any of the other bridges we’ve crossed the past few years, but I am slowly becoming that person and if I can help one person, or offer comfort to one person, it is well worth everything I’ve been through.

At least my baby knows I will always have her back and be her biggest fan and we will cross each obstacle as we get there.  Preemies rock and we rock as a mama/daughter team.


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