A little more of me

A few more items, in my list of 101 things about me:

-I gave birth to a preemie.  And it was the hardest time in my life and the time that has made me grow the most

-I’ve been to an intervention.  I had a close friend whose family scheduled an intervention and it was the most draining, emotional experience.  The TV show does not even begin to allow you to feel what the people involved feel

-I survived the first day of kindergarten when my oldest went.  I was bugging out, but I made it through and so did he.

-I’ve survived Cup Match in Bermuda.  Partying, cricket watching in the heat, tie-ups, so much fun.

-I used to work in a bank as a teller.

-I’ve riden the subway in quite a few cities and by far the Metro in DC is the best.  I am not a fan of the Philly or NYC subways.

-I forgave my parents.  After some rough teen years and early adult, I learned to forgive my parents for not being the parents they should have been when I was younger

-I’ve had a few spa days with my girlfriends and by myself and there is such peace in being at a spa for the whole day and being pampered beyond imagination.  This was mainly before my kids were born

-I get my teeth filled without novacaine.  I hate needles and I would rather have the drilling and fillings and pain versus the needle- yes I know that is crazy

-When I was younger I went up in the Washington Monument and was able to look out the windows standing on a chair with the guide guys binoculairs, this was way back in the day

-I wrote to a gun club in protest of a pigeon shoot I saw when I was maybe 8 or 9.  I was so sad at the way they shot the birds and didn’t even give them a chance.  I was crying and crying and went home and wrote a note to the place, the newspaper and PETA. I have always been an animal lover


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