My yearly joy post experience:

3/20 coming home to my baby’s after a weekend away
3/21 back to hanging with the kids, back to reality
3/22 feeling good about working w/a great team on a project
3/23 watching the kids play leapfrog-so cute
3/24 knowing my boo made my pressure go down when I had baby # 2 and had pre-eclampsia
3/25 dinner out w/the fam
3/26 being moved at church, feeling home
3/27 Reading Bible stories to my kids
3/28 being able to read a new book and finish a magazine
3/29 listening to addi sing Jesus loves me
3/30 My women’s group
3/31 Helping my sons class, grading papers and working with kids on their assignments-such joy
4/1 good times w/my closet friends in the world at a pampered chef party- I love laughing
4/2 Having a good day hanging with my family


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