What I miss paradise

I can’t say the word paradise without thinking about meatloaf and now I can’t think about meatloaf without thinking of his total freak out last night on the apprentice.  But anyway.  I’m supposed to be going back to Bermuda this summer for a visit.  Here are some of the things I miss the most:

-the little fish in the ocean who would nibble at your feet

-the fish who would eat from your hands at this one secluded beach/island we used to boat to

-going to private beaches with people who had access and having some great parties and relaxing times

-go to the beach at night, there is nothing in this world like the sound of the ocean

-driving on Harbour road at night and looking across to town, what a site.  It feels so full of history but you also realize you are in the here and now

-the sushi.  I’ve had some of my best sushi on Earth there.  The Harbourfront used to make good sushi and they had the best tuna tartar.  I miss that alot

-Cup Match.  Cup match was so much fun.  I wanted to go for Cup Match, but the dates aren’t right and now we have kids, so that’s a little different- I still don’t understand cricket

-tie ups with other boats and sleeping on our boat.  Not the most comfortable thing in the world, but still lots of fun.

-preparing for hurricanes, by throwing the outdoor furniture into the pool and getting beer, olives & lots of chip- oh and sometimes getting to leave work early!


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