Getting to know more about me

More of my 101 things (no I haven’t hit 101 yet)

-I slept in a haunted inn and head unexplained marching footsteps outside my room all night long (and the room I choose was the most haunted)

-I saw some unexplained figures from time to time, at my friends parents house- whether they were ghosts or not, I don’t know

-I’ve made over 5 figures with some great women in our investment club in less than 4 years and in one of the worst markets in history

-I’ve celebrated an old fashioned English Christmas dinner and loved it, so different from a US celebration

-I’ve been kissed by a skink, held a boa, touched sting ray, touched sea turtles & held a falcon

-I snuck into my husbands all male boarding school lots of times when we were dating without getting caught

-I did get caught making out with my boyfriend then (husband now) by his dad at school one time when he was up for a visit and that was embarrassing

-I lived abroad and I moved home, because there is no place like home and no one like your close friends and family

-I’ve been a chair lift operator at a ski resort

-I’ve prayed in the middle of the night at a 24 hour prayer vigil and it was so peaceful to be in church then

-I’ve gone into a burned out house to dig through the rubble to look for family pictures and things, when my dad’s house burnt down, & they were too overcome with grief

-I’ve asked a few Rabbi’s lots of questions about being a rabbi at my job and they were very informative and kind

-I spent a summer living at my best friends house with my husband (boyfriend back then) and our two best guy friends and it was probably the best summer of my life

-I saw the miracle of heart surgery, when my grandfather had open heart surgery



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