Time is what you make it or something like that


I read this book 168 Hours, by Laura Vanderkam.  I’m not sure where I first read about the book, but I wrote it down and about a year later finally read it.

Without sounding like a total nerd, I think I am a pretty good time manager.  I write things down, I have a master list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks.  I try to remember things for the kids schools and write them down and I get to appointments and work pretty early.  But there are days where I lose all sense of time and just “mice” for the afternoon. Like casually flipping through a magazine, being online and reading blogs, staying up have the night to read a really good book.  It’s these times when I wonder where my time is.

This book was all about how you have 168 hours each week.  We all do.  And if you plan and use your time wisely you should be able to have a nice productive, fulfilled life.

I don’t know.  I’m involved in lots of activities at church, at the kids schools, hobbies, part time work and a financial club to name a few.  But I sometimes feel so drained and feel like each day is the same.  I don’t understand the moms who bounce out of bed, excited at the prospects of whining kids, dirty laundry & grocery shopping, day in and day out.  Some days it takes all I have to not count down until my husband gets home from work.

Yes, I do have 168 hours a week, but I also am in charge of all household cleaning, bill paying, kid rearing, food shopping and part time working.  My ideal 168 hours would involve some time for me to re-charge that did not include work ( I mean really who goes to work to recharge?) and reading books not at 2am, because that is the only quiet private time I have.

I know the kids are only at this age once and I love them and love each new day and experience but I would appreciate more moms being honest and saying yes this is a cute age, but I can not wait until they are a little older, more independent, less whining, more willing to try new foods, potty trained, insert your biggest pet peeve here.

So I think there should be an extra few hours in day during daylight time for moms, to recharge, unwind, not have to pick up and clean up non-stop.  Time to read and have a cup of tea, diet coke or wine.  Eat the really good candy or salsa and chips and not have to share.  Anything. Just some unscheduled extra mom time to remind you of yourself and how you once were when you were a person and had dreams and could enjoy reading and watching movies and calling a friend.  Then after these few mom energy hours you could go back to taking care of everyone else.  I propose we have a week that has 173 hours in it, then I’d be all good.


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