I am thankful…

that I am not an extreme couponer.  This is weird.  I am watching it right now. These people have issues.  Who needs a stockpile of food like that when there are people in our own neighborhoods struggling to put food on the table?  I’m thinking of how we buy some food each month for our church to give to food banks and how appreciative the community is.  These people on this show are hoarding up food and supplies (paper products and laundry soap) which food stamps do not cover, in their homes- just because they get it free.  It’s weird.  I am not getting it.

I cut coupons and I use coupons, but not in a crazy way.  I also shop at Super Walmart and I think the prices are great there anyway.

So I am thankful for food in my tummy and in my home and that I am not a crazy hoarder of anything.  You could not make a grocery store in my pantry.

By the way this show is on TLC.


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