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I am not the person who gets to know everyone in preschool or class or sports.  I am not the mom who will chat with you and commiserate over our kids.  I am actually socially awkward with other parents.

Case in point.  This week I was on a field trip with my son’s class.  I didn’t even go to the right entrance, I wasn’t dressed as if we were going to a broadway show & I was the only parent who didn’t know everything about the teachers upcoming maternity leave.  They were all chatty and laughing and I just kind of hung out with my kid.  There was a mom who was talking to me and I got all nervous (new person) and couldn’t hear her right, so I must have seemed like such a dork.

Then a few days later  I was at preschool with my younger child and I just have never been the make playdates, get other moms phone numbers kind of mom.  I remember when my son was in preschool one kind of full of herself mom, used to say stuff to mess with me, like to make me think my kid was being bad and it was actually her kid.  Then she invited 2 of my sons friends to play at her house in front of my kid and of course my kid was crying, he didn’t get it.  I mean I made small talk with the moms, after 2 years you do and I traded phone numbers, but we only ever went out to the park with one other kid and he was quieter than my kid and left the school.

Then there are sports.  My kids do lots of sports and most times my husband takes them, but sometimes I am at TKD.  I can’t handle the TKD parents, some of them are rude and say insulting things, some of them are just odd, some are cliquey. Today I talked to one mom who I thought was someone else and totally messed that up and I know I’ve seen her kids at my church and she was insistant I did not, but then I think she decided I was not worth her time and she just kind of gathered her kids and left.  She even took the kids shoes towards the other end of the room, to leave my the area we were in faster.  Wow, I felt so ackward then.

Oh and don’t get me started on PTO meetings, when it’s your first year and everyone is chummy.  Only one person was kind to me this year and I was trying to be really involved.  I just felt like I was treading on some private group where I didn’t belong.  So I just don’t go now.

I am friendly.  I work with people.  But almost all of my friends have been my friends for many many years and I am comfortable with them.  My kids are friends with my friends kids.

I don’t understand how some people can just meet people through their kids and become super close.  I can’t get to that.  I feel like the awkward mom and I know people think I’m not super friendly but when people know me they realize I am fiercely loyal and will be an incredible fun friend.   I am the mom who is feeling kind of uncomfortable and not sure of myself.  It took me five years at my childhood church after returning to start attending fellowship functions and that was at church, so not everyone is outgoing, even with kids.


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