A few years ago my grandmother was addicted to vicodin- yes like doctor house.  That was weird.  Her doctor kept giving them to her (she had some crack in her back bone or something) and she had pain from post polio and her doctor appeased her rather than fix the problem. We didn’t know that was the issue.  She started talking all weird and we thought she was getting old or maybe dementia or something.  Finally she went into the hospital and she was there for weeks while they got her off the pain meds.  It was a weird time.  When she started to get better, she told me this story of how on one of her bad days her mom was there.  She had her hair styled like she did back when she was younger and she was a young lady.  Her mom talked to her and was patting her hair and telling her she’d be ok.  She was embarrassed to tell me because she thought people would think she was crazy or that it was the meds. And of course I don’t know what happened.  I think about it alot.  I go to haunted hotels and ghost walks trying to see something, but not fully believing myself.  Was my great grandmother there to add comfort?  Was my grandmother imaging it to bring herself comfort?  Either way it makes  me get goosebumps.  My dad had a similar expierience.  When he was younger and drunk all the time, one night his uncle whose apartment we lived in, came to him and drove him to all the local bars in the county and talked to him about the path his life was going on and how he needed to stop.  His uncle was killed in a drunk driving accident I think and was dead at the time this happened.  But my dad insists it happened.  He remembers going to each place and it really stuck with him, not enough to stop drinking then, but he did stop maybe 20 years later.  So I wonder why people have these expierences?  Is it comfort?  Is it the mind comforting itself?  Is it actually that persons spirit coming back to comfort?  Is it an angel?  Who knows? It could be the meds or the alcohol. I don’t know.  It does make me think.  Once when I was living abroad I was really sick, sick like I should have been in the hospital, but I’m not a fan of hospitals and I had a fever.  I remember sleeping and waking and feeling like I was walking with my grandmother and she was calming me down and making me feel better.  When I woke up I was so confused because it felt so much like she was there with me.  Whatever the reason it’s nice to have comfort when we need it.


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