Last of the 101

These are the last of 101 things to know about me.  So there now you know it all!

-I’ve become somewhat of an expert on pacemakers at my age.  My husband has one and we’ve been through 1 replacement battery since we’ve met.

-I’m a hard core believer in vaccines for kids.  My grandmother had polio as a child and has suffered from post-polio all my life.  Knowing what she would have given for the vaccines that are available today, I can’t not want to vaccinate my children.

-I was towing a boat on our boat one time and we broke down in the cruise/shipping container ship lane.  And a cruise ship was on it’s way.  I was praying like there was no tomorrow and yes my life was flashing before my eyes.  The cruise ship wasn’t super close yet, but it was honking and we knew even if it tried to stop at that point it couldn’t.  Somehow the boat started and we got out of the way.

-I pretended to be Jewish. Actually my best friend was the one who did it first. She was dating a guy from a devout Jewish family.  His parents went to Israel on what was our Christmas break in college and her and I went to his house for a big party.  Only problem was the night before the party when we got there, his brother and his finance were there still getting ready to leave for Israel and they were devout too, so my friend had to be Jewish to date her boyfriend and by default I was also supposed to be Jewish.  So during dinner I had to ad lib the prayers and I was shocked to see they had “2 kitchens”,- I mean really his brother had to be on to me at some point.  But I guess things went well enough, because my friend and this guy dated for quite some time after that.

-I gave birth to a 9 pound child who was 11 days late.  That was my first child and boy was that a long labor

-I toured private schools for my oldest with my husband and it was really like something out of The Great Gatsby, yes that’s how my husband was raised, but it was a total 180 for me.

-My 2nd child was born 6 weeks early and the hardest thing I’ve ever done was get discharged from the hospital and have to go home with my baby in the NICU

-I got kicked out of a federal court house in 100 degree weather with my kids in tow and no car keys.  My husband was being sworn in and my youngest was cranky.  So all these people turned on me and told me to leave.  So I went downstairs and of course you can’t hang out in a federal courthouse, so I went outside and sat along a wall in the bad part of a city with my kids in the heat.  A guard then came out and told me I couldn’t sit there, so my kids and I walked up and down in this awful neighborhood for over an hour while my husband became a citizen. Need less to say I was quite mad that I missed the ceremony

-we had a small wedding at a JP and I was 20 mins late.  My husband was up all night drinking the night before so he was really sick.  There was maybe 20 people total at our wedding.  Well after the ceremony was over, my husband turned green and passed out at our wedding.  He literally fell over.  So we really don’t have the best of luck in court rooms.


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