My have to cleaning list

These are the things I have to do every week and several times a week in order to feel like my house is clean.  While I am super organized I must admit with 2 kids, 1 giant hundred pound dog and 4 cats, my house is not spic and span like the one I grew up in.  I let a lot more slide than my grandmother ever did.  None the less, this is what I do:

-vacuum a lot

-clean the windows (on the front door and first floor)

-wipe smears from tv

-deep clean the basement playroom/cat area in laundry room

-clean lots of litter

-empty the dishwasher a lot

-do a few loads of laundry

-wipe down the bathrooms

-wipe the counter tops

-pick up toys

Things I do not do every week:

-dust (I detest dusting)

-mop (my husband mops)

Things I never do:

-make the bed.  I don’t do beds and I never have.  I don’t understand the point when it gets messed up each night and no one sees it all day.  Some times my husband makes the bed.

This is how I stay sort of organized/clean in a chaotic household


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