Quite a lot to say today….

So it’s just some random ramblings this time.  not much new on debt or diet front, funny how life does that to me all the time….


-scraping the bottom, no free credit cards now- was expecting more money than came in, spent too much.  Budgeted 30 at pampered chef & spent 80- frustrated and headache
-no money-really scrounging, borrowed $2 from kid for a soda
-broken kitchen chair- hubs can’t fix, so now we have an plastic chair at the table that doesn’t match. the couches are awful, so I mentioned that we need to look into furniture (financing or maybe saving up) and he just went off the handle.  Freaking out about the “money pit” as he calls it, which drives me crazy.  So I decided like everything else in life, I’ll handle it myself.  I’ll figure it out and won’t talk to him about it.  That’s what it’s come down to. I don’t talk to him about money because he freaks out and can’t be rationale.  He acts like we are the only people on the planet with debt and I just wish he’d help me figure things out and pay down amounts, etc.  Instead he freaks out and leaves me feeling sad and alone as usual. This year we’ve paid over $1000 in bills for his out of pocket medical and we need $400 in passports to go see his parents- that could get me a new set of sofas, but no, of course not.  He just freaks out and makes me feel bad and I am so tired of that. I just want to talk like adults, not have him guilt me or make me feel stupid or irresponsible with money, but from now on, I am not even going to mention any money stuff to him- I’m done.  I’ll do it all on my own, like I’ve been doing forever
ended up finding matching chair upstairs that was an extra and wished husband could have just worked with me to solve problem instead of freaking
-went over budget on groceries by 100, shop at superwalmart and there just is never enough, now whole budget is out of whack- buying minimal, not like lobsters every day or anything
-playing the waiting game that all checks don’t cash and make us overdrawn again
-but did stop at pharmacy to pick up meds for grandfather and ended up buying all sorts of smelly candles and candies b/c they were 50% off and I had time to wait
-hubby wants to be an extreme couponer after watching that show- UUUGGGH
-he also turned the hot water heater back so we could save money on heating oil and I tried for two days, but the freezing showers were too much for me, so he turned it up a bit, not back to where it was.  All I look forward to at the end of the day is a hot shower and some good reading- now I’m missing my shower
-pampered chef I used a card that didn’t have enough, now I had to use my checking money and we will be messed up bill wise and won’t be able to pay off as much debt this month as I wanted and I’m embarrassed
-overboard on easter gifts as usual, just when I wanted to get my stuff together- no willpower
-really trying hard, thinking about each purchase and not wanting to waste money on things like mcdonalds smoothies, lunch out, etc.
-grandmother is sick and in hospital so past 2 days felt out of out and got dinner out both nights
-kind of bummed b/c super crazy spending neighbors announced really loudly they are moving to this new awesome development and had an appraiser here tonight- I just don’t get it.  Sometimes I feel like I made a bad choice staying home with my kids while they are little, but I love it so much and I won’t ever get this time again.  I just get bummed when mean people get ahead all the time


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