spring joy

4/3 spring flowers
4/4 Being at the planetarium and listening to my son’s knowledge of space
4/5 thinking it’s cute how both of my kids insist on wearing one sock and keeping one foot bare- something I can’t explain
4/6 being truly happy & knowing it
4/7 Having a really fun day with my daughter (after I really thought about how cool that would be yesterday)
4/8 an early day home with the kids;rainy cozy-ness
4/9 kind of sleeping in a little bit on a saturday morning
4/10 walking past my childhood home and having memories come back to me of playing when I was younger and my grandmothers love
4/11 not cooking dinner 2 nights in a row
4/12 having fun @meetings with some really good friends
4/13 talking to my grandmother on the phone & being relieved that she sounds better
4/14 serving others dinner @ a church banquet
4/15 My yard swing on a nice day
4/16 Ikea on a rainy day


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