22- my blog is 2

22 random things about this blog & this day:

1.  I now watch Wizards of Waverly Place (the subject of my 1st post)

2. Last year I forgot to celebrate the 1 yr anniversary

3. I love my blog, but I have yet to share it with family

4.My little main coon cat is sleeping so cute right behind me

5. I just had a late dinner of a chefs salad

6.  I overslept and missed church tonight

7. I really love recylcing and reusing.  We don’t have that much garbage anymore, and that all came about from an Earth day a few years ago

8. My husband is watching the Indiana Jones where Harrison Ford says “Nazi’s I hate these guys”

9.For Easter dinner we are having chinese food.  It’s becoming kind of a family tradition

10.  I am extremely worried about my grandparents health, neither one is doing good and I feel like my life is upside down and on pause

11.  I love House.  I think about that show a lot when it’s not on

12.  I can not wait for the Royal Wedding.  I am getting excited

13. It is cold and rainy outside

14. I had lots of quiet downtime at work today

15. My allergies are driving me crazy.  I need a benedryll, but I’m not quite ready to fall asleep yet

16. My dog is a big 90 pound baby.

17. I’m trying to balance my monthly budget and not having much luck.

18. I overcooked the easter eggs and now the shells are hard to get off.  Hard boiled eggs are not my thing

19. I would love a nice family breakfast tomorrow- big fluffy pancakes and eggs

20. My kid has been playing his nintendo DS for the past few hours and I’m letting him because it’s his school break and why not have fun

21. When I am stressed I miss living in Bermuda

22. I can not wait to see what the next year brings for my blog


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