they started to fight when the money got tight

this song was in my head when I was thinking of this post:

Here are my notes on my debt journey the past few weeks, can I just say that I wish I was marrying a prince this week- just for the cash, jewels & castles, not the companionship since my hubby is my soul mate!!
groceries were over 35 dollars this time- not too bad, but not good
really want to pay bills on time and be better but it’s hard to juggle when there is no money, this is my slow time of year at work
wonder if I made the right choice leaving my professional job to work part time and raise kids, in this economy it is really hard and trying to pay down the debt I ran up since then, it’s impossible.
trying to cut back, b/c food and gas are so much higher but everyone else I see/know is spending like regular- just don’t get it, should not worry so much about other people I guess
2 day cash flow for the upcoming month, trying to make money work- crazy don’t know how  we will afford 2 vacations back to back this summer, but not my idea
saving everywhere I can, what we need is more money, wish I was crafty and could make things to sell on etsy
spent $80 on stuff @ikea and dinner out a few times this week when I knew I didn’t have any extra money.  Maybe a way of relief when everything around me is falling apart- not a good idea for stress relief but stress relief none the less
went to michaels for 2 things came out w/$25 worth (no extra $) and bought lunch at wendy’s- spending extra $ that should be for debt
lunch at mcd’s for no other reason than it was convienient.  The off to target where I spent 180 on stuff we could use but did not need and I only went in for snapple.  Again b/c I know there is $ to spend, I don’t restrain myself.  Bad thing besides the wasted money was mcd’s is not good on a diet and they gave me a Coke soda instead of a diet coke, so the diet I was expecting to sooth my sore throat, I never got.  I ended up dumping the Coke soda- so that was a waste
spending way too much $, $ I don’t have.  Feeling bad but not too bad, not getting anywhere with debt paydown
ordered clothes for kids and books online and also went to mcd’s for lunch again, just for convenience  and the kids wasted almost all the food
money is over 249 for the end of next month and it has not even began yet, have not idea where to cut- there is not any room left (update over 300)
spent $24 on 40% off Easter Candy just b/c I love Peanut Butter


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