Top 10 reasons I wish I was going to the Royal Wedding

I am so excited for the Royal Wedding.  Not because I am a huge William fan- I mean he was much cuter when he had hair.  But I love the fairy tale aspect- Kate was a commoner and it is a fairy tale wedding in my eyes:

1. I would love to have a reason to get one of those stylish British wedding hats with feathers

2. I have been an Anglophile since the 5th grade

3.  I loved Princess Di and everything about her

4. I have never been to Britain but I would fly that far away for something this cool

5. Being there live would be much easier than getting up at 4am

6. My husband is British and has no interest in the wedding what so ever

7. Somehow just because it’s royalty and English it’s 100 million times more romantic

8.  I have never been to an “official British wedding” in which kissing is not inside the church

9. I love big old churches

10. I’m going to be telling my grand kids about this someday-probably every time I see them and it would be so much cooler if I could say I was really there

All the best to William & Kate and thanks for giving us all something so exciting to be able to watch and dream about


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