Brotherly love

My grandfather is dying.  He is home on hospice. This happened while I was on vacation over the weekend.  He is almost 80.  His older brother drove 10 hours to get here to be with him.  When you watch them it is like time stood still.  They laugh and reminisce.  My great uncle talks about his “baby brother” or his little brother.  My grandfather could not wait until his big brother got here.

Yesterday we drove 2.5 hours to get here in a hurry, I came home settled down said hi to my kids and went to see him.  I got there and his brother has a chair as close as possible to his bed.  He sits there and talks to him and sometimes just sits there and watches as he rests.  Last night he fed him pudding, it was one of the most touching things I have ever seen.

My grandmother is having health struggles and my great grandparents have long ago passed.  So I suppose that’s what happens, his brother is caring for him, he has loved him and known him longer than anyone else in the family.

It is amazing to listen to them talk- giggling like little boys when they talk about a particularly good looking nurse in the hospital, watching baseball, watching murder she wrote like it’s new and has not been on 400 other times.

This is love full circle, this is what has been getting me through this.  My grandfather is in his home, he is surrounded by people who have loved him and who will love him as long as we can love.  This is where he should be with people who care for him.  Telling stories, sharing memories.  There is sadness for sure, but it’s more of a celebration of who he is and who he was.

I know my mothers love for my kids, and I can only hope one day when they are old and I am no longer here that they will care for each other in the same tender way my great uncle is caring for my beloved grandfather.


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