Joy is where I need it

my joy for the past two weeks:

4/17 stroking my daughters hair until she relaxes and falls asleep on my lap
4/18 Watching my kids playing on the swingset together
4/19 an awesome fun night with my financial club
4/20 my grandmother is coming home after almost 2 wks in the hospital
4/21 the kindness of the ambulance driver who carried my grandfather in his arms to the ambulance since he was too weak to walk
4/22 sometimes thinking what it would be like to be debt free
4/23 yummy mediterrean salad from boston market
4/24 Risen Jesus, dinner w/the fam, surprise gift from mom & seeing my grandparents- today I am really thankful and full of joy & food!!
4/25 Watching Charles & Di once upon a time on TLC w/all the facts popping up-amazing
4/26 driving through the countryside, great flowers and trees on a perfect spring day- love changing up the view
4/27 kissing my sweet sweet grandfather on the head and saying I love you, knowing he has loved me so much my whole life, just standing there watching him & having happy memories come flooding back
4/28 tea and chatting with my friend
4/29 watching the royal wedding, wow, I love the royals, I love fairy tales, I love the romance, and I love history-perfect
4/30 Sunrise at Asbury above the ocean,coming home to pap


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