uplifting in a rough few weeks

my thoughts of joy for the past few weeks:

5/1 coming home to my son’s giant hug and to see my grandfather still here & in good spirits
5/2 being from a strong connected family
5/3 my grandfather knows we are all there, he knows we are surrounding him and loving him and caring for him as he makes his journey and tonight he sat up and said thanks for all being so helpful.
5/4 sharing laughs and memories with my family over old pictures
5/5 being ok going back to my grandparents house with my grandfather gone
5/6 my grandmother was asking to see me and excited and slightly relaxed when I went to visit
5/7 seeing a rainbow and having my son say that meant my grandfather was doing ok up in heaven
5/8 spending mothers day with my grandmother and some other family members talking and laughing and trying to cheer her up
5/9 thinking of a candy bar and opening the fridge and seeing my husband read my mind and got me one
5/10 watching my baby with her beautiful curls, so thankful for her
5/11 watching my kids play together in the yard
5/12 so many people I had no idea knew my grandfather telling me kind words and saying what a character he was.  How could 1 person have touched so many lives- amazing 🙂
5/13 sharing my pre-eclampsia story on my blog
5/14 seeing my babies after a long day at work


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