Shake Shake

I’m sitting on my favorite spot on the sofa with my netbook on a pillow and my foot is moving.  I am from a long line of foot shakers.  My grandmother shook her feet when she was sitting, my dad shakes his feet when he’s trying to fall asleep and I shake when I’m falling asleep and sitting around.  These are the things I think about that bind my family.  It’s a comfort thing.  My youngest child has a sensory disorder and she needs to chew and she needs to have other therapies done to calm her down.  It’s amazing how touch and movement are so important in life.  Things you don’t think about.  It always brought me comfort when my dad was home or on vacation and I saw him shake his foot, or my grandmother sat off and shook her foot.  I felt connected, I felt part of the world and part of the family.  I could see where I was coming from and where I am.  My children are starting to pick up little foot and leg movements like my husband.  So they are skipping this family trait from my side, but it’s still cool to see.


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