Top 10 things I love about Little House on the Prairie

I grew up watching re-reruns of Little House on the Prairie after school each weekday with my dad and then later on my own.  I loved that show I have no idea why a child of the 80’s connected so well with a show about the 1880’s, but I did.  Here are the top ten things I loved about Little House:

1. Laura.  I loved her character.

2.Pa, he was such a kind caring dad, I think I kind of wished he was my dad

3. The simple-ness of their lives.  Yes life was hard on the prairie but in some ways it seemed so much easier than my life

4. Olsen’s store. I loved the general store.  We had a general store in my town, and of course I never saw it in it’s heyday.  I also loved Mr & Mrs Olsen, they reminded me of a cross between my grandparents and my grandparents best friends

5. School.  I loved how school played a major role and how Mary & Laura were both teachers

6. Almonzo.  Wow.  He was so cute.  I was so envious of Laura

7. Albert.  I loved his character and he was also super cute.

8.The episodes with medical dramas.  I loved to see how they treated anthrax, blindness, child birth, typhus,mountain fever, etc

9. The Christmas episode, when they all share memories- Caroline & Hester Sue- the snow is falling, they are all snowed in, if you don’t cry at a Little House Christmas episode, well I just don’t know

10.  The trips to the city of Sleepy Eye.  It just always sounded so cool to go there.  Plus I loved the stage coach that took people places.

I was upset when the Hallmark channel stopped playing the episodes, but super glad that they brought them back.  Sometimes I forget an episode and see it again like it’s the first time.  There are other episodes I could quote word for word.  What a great wholesome show.


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