Pre-e survivor

It’s pre-eclampsia awareness month and I am a survivor.  When you are told you have pre-eclampsia you usually don’t have a lot of time to find out about it.  You are usually in the hospital and are soon going to deliver.  You find out about it later.  When you read the posts about survivors and those who did not make it.  When you read about how it effects families and babies.  You don’t realize how complicated it makes a pregnancy.  It can happen to anyone who is pregnant and it is scary.   It’s scary for dad as he watched mom struggle, it’s scary for friends and family when they don’t know what to expect.  It’s scary for the baby who maybe born too soon.  It’s hard on parents when mom is still sick from having pre-eclampsia and can’t see the baby in the NICU or when mom goes home and the baby is still in the hospital. If you are pregnant or know anyone who is please read up on this condition, know the symptoms and if someone has pre-eclampsia just be there for them. My experience didn’t really hit me until I realized the severity of it.  It was a few days after delivery and I had not held my baby yet, I was kind of down and I just wanted to take a nice hot shower, so I went to the bathroom and began my shower.  All of a sudden the doctor came in and told me to get back to bed, I told him I was conditioning my hair and would be right out and he then told me my pressure was still way too high and I was not allowed up unaccompanied.  That was the start of a month long process of my pressures being up and my body still being swollen, my baby being in the NICU, and me being in the hospital in bed for 10 days.  And my situation is not nearly as severe as some I’ve read about.  So take care and be informed.


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