Joy it’s here

5/15 almost 35 years of being with my loving grandmother
5/16 taking some time to just watch my kids play
5/17 the day my grandmother passed my friend dropped off tons of grocerys & snacks, I didn’t realize how much of help that would be, but it just makes it so easy
5/18 the love and support and care of friends in Christ during this difficult time in my life
5/19 a beautiful service celebrating the life and love of both of my grandparents
5/20 hearing my little guy belly laugh
5/21 a nice outdoor fire pit in the yard on a cool early summer night
5/22 looking back at old confirmation pictures at church and seeing my great grandmother & my great great grandmother’s picture
5/23 knowing I had the whole afternoon on mother’s day with my grandmother
5/24 remembering how everytime the phone rang it was usually my nan, love thinking about all our conversations and how I could tell when she was feeling better by her calls
5/25 volunteering in a kindergarten class, those kids are so polite and cute & funny at that age
5/26 finding a toad in a rain storm and picking him up and letting my son hold his first rain storm toad
5/27 both of my kids watching wipe out and laughing like crazy, just like my nan did
5/28 my daughter’s laughter- amazingly cute and kind of goofy
5/29 watching a squirrel hop across a yard


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