Top 10 Pa Dutch foods

It’s summer and summer to me means food, and so does every other season actually, but anyway, in homage to my origin here are my10 favorite PA Dutch Foods:

1.  Lettuce w/hot bacon dressing (& I like my dressing yellow, like my aunt makes not clear like my mom makes)

2. Sausage with milk gravy- this is something I need to learn to make now that my grandmother passed- she was the one who made it for me

3. AP cake.  I love AP cakes and I don’t like coffee so I like mine kind of softer

4. Shoo Fly pie, I just read a funny story about a pastor from PA who also served in Maine and his wife was going to make some shoo flies and he told some men he met beforehand he was collecting flies to add to the pie, I got a laugh from that story

5.Pepper Cabbage

6. Chicken Pot Pie

7. Ham & String Beans w/apple cider vinegar

8.Dutch Platter (Red beet eggs, pickles, olives, white american cheese & ring bologna)

9. Peas & Knepp ( I loved my grandmothers knepp, she was a good knepp maker)

10. Chow Chow- we Dutch love our vinegar

Now there are of course many many more, but these are my favs. If you are ever in PA check out Shady Maple in Lancaster County an amazing place to eat or if you are in PA in the early summer check out this festival in Kutztown, another great place to try Dutch foods and culture


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