Like an old person

Ask any of my friends and they will tell you I have the hobbies and tastes of a senior citizen.  I like bird watching, word searches and hospital food.  But most of all I love diners.  There are few places on the East Coast that you can drive with me that involve a diner I have not been too.  I love breakfast the best and then dinner and then lunch last.  And I love those foods you only find at diners- oyster pie, fried oysters, honey dipped chicken, grilled cheese, eggs sunny side up and diner ice tea.  I grew up going to diners and hanging out with old people. I always went places with my grandfather and he knew his way around anywhere, and he liked to stop for coffee.  I lost my grandparents but I still crave a nice diner and sometimes I convince my husband to go with.  We too had our diner period when we first met and would spend hours sitting with sodas and talking and getting to know each other.  And of course in college we spent plenty of time discussing life with friends and solving all the worlds problems.  Diners are a great place for food and conversation no matter what the age and they will always remind me of the people I love the most.


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