watch your kid

So this week my mom complaint of the week is the mom, who decides she is no longer part of her family and moves out to do her own thing, but leaves the parenting to the neighbors because her husband has his own agenda and is depressed most of the time.  I do not mind feeding, or lending a phone, or letting the kids hang out here, or letting them watch tv, since mom took theirs when she moved out, but I feel bad when the youngest is out riding bike near a busy road at dark and has not had dinner and the mom who doesn’t live here does not know and does not seem to care about how much she is upsetting and hurting her kids.  Then I’m sitting there each night wondering if the kids had dinner, wondering if the dad is home, wondering why the dad doesn’t just tell her to stop coming over because then he gets mad and yells at the oldest kid.  As a mom I get drawn into helping these kids, and trying to lighten the load since they should not have to deal with the fact that their mom is selfish.  I mean what kind of mom does not react when her kids call her at 10pm from my phone because she took all the money and their phone and cells are turned off and they can’t find their dad.  What kind of mom, just tells you to deal with it?  Breaks my heart, parents should always put their kids first and handle them before they handle themselves.  That’s my mom issue of the week.


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