gloomy day wonderous joy

5/29 Funny kids in sunday school, great ,warm church service, yard sales with some great deals, picnic w/amazing people, great start to summer and nice ending to an otherwise depressing month
5/30 watching my kids swim
5/31 finding a love message my grandmother scrawled to my grandfather before she died in hospital
6/1  going to the library with my oldest and picking out books
6/2 listening to my daughter laugh and watching her dance while watching the wiggles-priceless
6/3 bingo w/my son- what a great friday night- more fun than I expected
6/4 bloody mary’s
6/5 meeting my cousins fiance and really liking her, she was really inspiring
6/6 good laughs with my fillies- one of the highlights of my month
6/7 having my son tell me our favorite Doofenshmirtz song is on and then singing it with him
6/8 seeing my uncles unexpectidly today and my mom dropping off wings
6/9 running into my great uncle while shopping and remembering how much he looks like my grandfather and how alike their hand movements are and really missing my grandfather today, but happy to see his brother
6/10 an early morning gardening at church followed by an hour of word searches while my son was at a lesson- such a peaceful relaxing day
6/11 fellowship at a church picnic- fun and relaxation with friends

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