the grocery store makes me sad

I’ve come to hate going to the grocery store.  I used to love shopping with the kids or without, but ever since I lost my grandparents it is so hard to go to the grocery store.  Every old person I see makes me think of them. Then I walk there and I think why did my grandparents both have to go so fast.  I miss them so much, and I think why are some of these people still here and they are like 100 or something, I know that’s not right, but I get so sad.  I think about how they used to ask me to pick stuff up at the store and that makes me sad because it was an excuse for my grandmother to call me and an excuse for me to go for a visit to drop stuff off.  I try to not look at old people or to keep my head down, but then sometimes people will talk to my kids or I’ll see someone with the same walk or movements of my grandparents and I’ll get so sad. I know this will pass someday, but I still get super sad.  I really really miss them sometimes. I hope they know.


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