Summer time feeling the joy

6/12 watching boston med this afternoon- catching up on a really great show I missed
6/13 making 2 amazing scrapbook pages of memories about my grandparents, such joy in looking over the pictures
6/14 first day of vbs and really enjoying seeing the kids joy in having fun
6/15 chicken wings
6/16 watching my cats play- they are so cool to watch
6/17 a nice night discussing love with a small group
6/18 good songs on youtube
6/19 how pretty my garden looks in the summer
6/20 laughing so hard at phineas and ferb
6/21 lazy afternoons by the pool with my friends and my kiddos
6/22 looking forward to maybe sleeping in at least one morning next week
6/23 impromptu bbq’s w/friends
6/24 crabs on the grill so yummy
6/25 days when my computer runs really smoothly


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