crazy memories for my kids of my pregnancy

Some wacky things happened when I was pregnant and here’s a list of the more memorable:

– when I was pregnant w/ #1 around 3am, I saw something on the floor of my apartment, no contacts/no glasses & I thought it was a shoestring, except it was moving and the cats were going crazy- yes there was a snake in my apartment, I freaked, my husband freaked, but we caught it.  I could not wait to leave that place

-baby #1 I had tons of Demerol and I was starving after delivering. I had not eaten in over a day, so my dad went out to the nurses to see what they could get for me since it was 9pm and they had a sandwich, some chips and Lornadoone’s.  Right in front of my grandmother and all my friends and dad and aunt and brother, I said what the F*** is a Lornadoone?  I don’t usually do that and I seriously had no idea what one was.

-when they went to move me from delivery to my own room,they brought me the smallest wheelchair and I could not fit my butt in it, seriously it was like a child size wheelchair on the maternity ward, nothing like making a girl feel even bigger

-with baby #2 I needed some shots for her lungs since she was going to be a preemie so I freaked out about the needle. The doctor came in to see, did not mention a needle,since he knew I hated them and then left.  The nurse came in and said you need a shot for the babies lungs, didn’t the doctor tell you?  I freaked out.  She wanted to jab it in my arm, but I convinced her to ice my butt with a perinatal pack and then give me the shot, which burned like I never believed and I still hate shots

-baby #2 a sprinkle was planned for me and since she was a preemie, I had already had her when the sprinkle arrived. There was sugar iced champagne punch and I had not had anything to drink in forever and a day and I LOVE champagne, so I got kind of tipsy at my sprinkle.  But it was an awesome event with great friends and family and it really lifted my spirits after a rough few weeks


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