VBS- top 10

This year my church used Group’s PandaMania for our VBS theme, the image above is from Group.  Here are my top 10 favorite things from PandaMania

1. The song Sing, Sing, Sing was one of the songs- I love that song

2. The snacks, this year there were some really cool snacks, like the icing crosses

3. The kids.  I had pre-k this year for the first time and it was awesome

4.Jonah and the Whale- what kid doesn’t love that Bible story?

5. Amanda the Red Panda- she was super cute and I learned that there were red pandas

6. It was my oldest childs first year with the big kids and he was so proud

7. Dancing, singing, crafting and playing for 3 hours each day- I felt like a kid again

8. The crafts, I love the panda drums- reminded me of Karate Kid, the original which none of the kids understood

9. Animal food drive, we collected animal food for a local food bank, for those who have needs and so do their pets and the kids loved that.

10. Getting to say over and over God is wild about us.


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