Preemie vigilance

When your child is born a preemie you over watch and over worry, whether it’s your first or your 19th (in the case of the Duggar’s).  Each preemie is a precious gift and as a preemie parent I can testify that you spend more time watching them sleep, worrying when they burp, are they cold enough,or warm enough- all the normal baby things but way way more intensely.

At first I was so worried, her eyes looked odd-were they developing ok, could she hear alright, should she be crawling, sleeping better, walking, etc.  Then I realized a preemie comes into this world early and so they might not be making the milestones right on target, but as my grandmother said, they will come around in their own time.  I did take her and get everything tested and yes there were issues, but we’ve been working through them with specialists and therapists.

You are truly nervous when you bring the baby home the first time.  They seem so fragile- all the machines and oxygen and beeps and nurses.  All the schedules and darkened rooms and isolettes.  What will your baby think of the new environment at home- older siblings, curious pets, visitors, food smells, the drive home? You are so worried, but in the end it will work out, you’ll figure it out.  Preemies are stronger than you think and they fight each step of the way to catch up.  The first two months home were way more stressful for my husband and I than with our first full term child, but we got through.  I would worry all night long and listen to her sleep and breath and then be exhausted in the daytime and we were both so scared and tired and we’d snap at each other, but we remembered we loved each other and this too would pass.  I would pray about it and slowly we all grew to be a bigger family together and we all got used to each other and took things day by day for a very long time.  So if you are a new preemie parent, remember it will be ok, it will work out and this stress will pass.  Just hang in there.


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