a little bit of happy

6/26 seeing a sunday school student share a prayer w/another & feeling the continuing joy of worship with others
6/27 homemade indian food for dinner-spicy yumm
6/28 last night watching Up with my son
6/29 a beautiful drive past historic Victorian homes and old farm houses, lovingly restored
6/30 watching my kids play outside and having my baby girl wave to me
7/1 setting off fireworks with the kids
7/2 a new tv addiction-My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
7/3 when co-workers tell you to have a nice holiday- it’s such a sweet connection because you work together but you lead such seperate lives
7/4 celebrating the 4th at a beautiful 300 yr old farm house, with a great view, a hayride, swimming, amazing fireworks and best of all my family & oldest friend in the world- America is amazing
7/5 a trip to PA German festival w/the family good times, good food
7/6 seeing a pair of skunks crossing the street together
7/7 spending the afternoon swimming with dad
7/8 summer rain storms and thunder
7/9 playing beer pong outside on a nice summer night w/friends


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