There’s a 1st time for everything-Top 10 Tuesday

Top 10 First Times:

1st car- 1986 VW Jetta, Gray, 5 speed

1st professional job- Marketing Admin for an International Bank (not as exciting as it sounds, really mean boss)

1st time out of the country- it was 1986 and we drove to Niagara Falls Canada, my first impression of Canada was that they had totally different happy meals toys than the US and cool looking money

1st thing I do in the morning- Listen for my youngest to be calling me to get her out of bed and then I just lay there and think morning came way too fast, and then once I am up I have a Diet Coke

1st pet- Teddy, he was a cockapoo that was so small my grandfather fit him in his coat pocket to surprise me

1st tragedy I remember-We watched the Challenger on tv in school and we saw what happened, I remember feeling really sad

1st grade teacher-Mrs Johnson.  She was nice, but nothing amazing as I remember is that she seemed really old and several years ago I saw her at an event and was shocked she was still alive, I guess she wasn’t as old as I thought

1st time I met my husband- He used to walk by my work in this awful ripped hockey shirt and then finally over a year after first seeing him, he came up to me at a little store and said take me somewhere and the rest is history

age when I had my 1st child- 28

1st time on a plane- senior class trip to Florida, I was so scared, it was a huge plane and my friends said don’t worry planes only go as fast as cars, all of a sudden a screen popped up and showed how fast we really were going,I was so upset, but after about an hour I was comfortable enough to be up and walking up and down the aisles

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