Summer there you go

I am really enjoying summer with my kids.  I didn’t over-book tons of camps this year.  Money is a bit tight and I really enjoy watching my kids have fun at home.  We’ve been taking advantage of the library summer reading program and there is nothing like reading to your kids.  Or watching them choose their own books.  We’ve been doing some crafts and art.  Spending some lazy mornings in our pjs watching Disney Junior.  We’ve been eating lunch together and just talking. Making kool aid pops and pudding pops.  Swimming, riding bikes, playing with the neighbor hood kids, setting off fireworks, taking day trips and the summer is only 1/2 over. So I am totally cool with this summer and I think my kids are too.  I think  fun and hanging out and chilling are the best kind of summer you can have.  Kids need freedom to create and play and relax and think and enjoy their homes. So that’s why I am not a “camp” mom, which seems to be the trend these days, so maybe I am bucking the trend.


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