Date night is not just for dorks

Ok I read all the time things telling you to date your husband, make time for just you and your husband and I must admit I think it sounds weird and cheesy, but at the same time, my heart does ache a bit when friends and their spouses go on dates.  But tonight, the kids went to VBS and we went to dinner- nothing fancy, but just a dinner and us talking and laughing and being silly, like back in the day, but without having to worry about impressing the other person.  So today I am thankful that I had a date night with my hubby who I have not officially “dated” in almost 15 years and it was a good date and it was so nice to remember what it feels like to talk and not be interupted a gazillon times, so thank you VBS and all the wonderful helpers, because I remember how much fun it is to laugh with your guy.


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