Melting Hot Happiness

7/10 going to church and getting alot from the sermon
7/11 red lobster cheddar biscuits celebrating my baby’s bday
7/12 air conditioning
7/13 a nice relaxing breakfast with a good friend
7/14 good chats with friends while the kiddos play
7/15 small group marriage sessions
7/16 farmers markets and the amazing offerings you find there
7/17 VBS for the kids and date night for me and the hubs
7/18 sushi for dinner, more importantly tako salad-YUMMM
7/19 Feeling inspired at a monthly Christian Ed meeting at my church, I feel like I really belong with this ministry
7/20 dogsitting for my aunt and watching her cute little dog slowly fall asleep on my sofa on this steamy dog day of summer
7/21 Great poolside conversations with friends while the kids swim in the 100 degree heat
7/22 A/C & cool iced tea on record high day of feeling like 113 degrees out
7/23 hot wings and great talks with my old friend


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