Going Down to Tucker’s Town

I’m leaving soon to go back.  Go back to turn 35 in a place I turned 25 in. To go back to a world where I was super free, super happy & super independent. But life has changed, it’s been 8 years since I was there.  I’ve changed, Bermuda has changed.  But part of me is so excited.  To show my kids the crystal clear water their dad grew up with, to be laid back and in an amazing place.  To stop living in the real world for a week and be somewhere else, where life is about enjoyment and being social.  I can not wait to see old friends.  I can not wait to meet my new nephew.  It’s hard to imagine that we will actually be there.  I can’t wait to feel the humid air, to smell the dampness that I secretly keep in one suitcase, by never using it, but being able to get my sniff of Bermuda any time I like 🙂 I don’t know what to expect, will I have feelings of wanting to stay, to move our life?  Will I have feelings of homesickness, for the longest time I would dream in Bermuda-meaning all my dreams took me back there.  It will be my shortest trip there ever.  I used to go for a month at a time before we moved there.  Can you go home again to your surrogate home?  I know I was never able to live in both places, I couldn’t feel settled in one while longing for the other.  Maybe we aren’t meant to ever feel settled, some people are meant to explore.  I have always loved this hootie video and song.  It really shows how Bermuda made me feel.  Happy. Lively. Free


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