Money Money Money Mon-eeey

(I’ve been doing this post update every few weeks, in between posts I write my thoughts/struggles each day in note format, this seems the most readable way to do this)
-so I needed some craft supplies and stuff, so I did bill me later, since I can’t ask the hubs for money and I feel bad
-I am also thinking that spending cash and thinking about stuff before I buy it is working and I want it to work, I want us to have breathing space and no debt.  I feel like I am doing good, but I know the hubs thinks I could be doing better, but habits are hard to break aren’t they?
-got a lecture on using Avon as my personal shopping mall, but did get the hubs to take me out for an unplanned dinner and quick trip to target
-husband gave me cash for groceries and I came in $10 under budget- was super excited about that
-have really been thinking about spending my cash, not in such a rush to buy things or get fast food or sodas at convience stores anymore
-hubby is talking with me instead of arguing about money and making me feel bad-don’t know if it’s agreement or if it the marriage group we’ve been attending- do really care, I just like it

-he has had some trip ups and has been late on some bills while he works out the kinks, but he’s better at planning,saving and processing than me

I can honestly say this system is working for me.  I know it’s stupid and not self fullfilling to have someone else budget for me and tell me what I can spend, but if I don’t have that the debt will never go away.  We even worked out a little snagu with the heating oil bill today, together.  Now our downfall is still eating out for dinner, but we are getting better about it.  Call me old fashion but I like him in charge of the moola and he was the finance major.  It’s not like I am blind to anything, I know all the accounts and where we stand, I just don’t have control on spending.  I don’t know when to stop, all the fault of divorced parents, a well paying job in my twenties and growing up as part of the instant gratification generation oh and the ease of shopping online.  I ❤ Amazon (swoon, swoon)


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