What big brown eyes you have…

My baby passed a milestone yesterday, her eye check up was fine.  Now 1st she’s not a baby, she’s 3 now.  But she was a preemie and she had weak eyes, that were slow to develop at first, so we went to the pediatric opthamologist and then did a follow up yesterday.  So that was good to go, until she gets to school.  We also have a well visit this week, where we will decide on next course of business in regards to a new hearing check, since there is a slight loss in one ear. I am hoping that this time it will be a non-sedative test since she’s older.  We still do speech therapy once a week, but now it’s not in the home.

Back when we first discovered all these conditions that can come from being a preemie.  I was in constant anxiety.  My poor baby she was so tiny and she was fighting so hard and she had to go through so much, just to come home from the hospital.  So it was so scary to have more tests and more findings.  To start therapy and make goals and look for things. To work on words and not get any response, to be frustrated.  To get comfortable with a therapist and then age out and get another.

I learned to take it one day at a time, when she was about 9 months old. That’s all I could do.  And that’s how we’ve been rolling ever since.  We’ve been navigating this world of preemie and then toddler who was a preemie on our own, since the resources on growing preemies are few and far between.

We’ve been blessed and things are not as bad as they could have been, but she will always be my little preemie princess, so when the doctor said her eyes were good, I was super excited.  A hurdle we cleared.


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